About Me

Projects and Interests

My name is Yoann Bentz, and I am a 25-year-old Software Engineer from Aix-en-Provence, France. I graduated with a Master's Degree from EPITA, school of Engineering and Computer Science in Paris. I chose Telecommunications and Networks as a concentration during my last year in school.

Apart from my passion for coding, I love running. I spent several years in competitive swimming and practicing Aïkido. Ski is another activity that I am passionate about but I do wish I had the chance to enjoy slopes more often! I also truly enjoy deep conversations around a good beer.

Besides all of these, my personal projects have also been an important part of my life, so I shall provide an outline below.

Personal projects that are available to the public

  • GW2.FR: Founder of GW2.FR, one of the largest Guild Wars 2 fan sites in France.
  • GW2.FR Database: Creator and owner of the largest Guild Wars 2 item database (according to Alexa.com), available in four languages thanks to partnerships with other fan sites.
  • Emblem generator: Guild Wars 2 guild emblem generator in C. Available on the database.
  • XMLy: XML parser and HTML filter built overnight during my second year of preparatory classes (this is not a school project). This is my first attempt at creating a parser of any kind.

Other projects

  • 42sh (school project): Complete POSIX shell in C with builtins, piping, redirections, etc.
  • Tiger Compiler (school project): Compiler in C++ for the language Tiger.
  • RMI server (school project): Remote Method Invokation server in Java, developed over a period of 36 hours.
  • Controller for YouTube (ongoing personal project): An Android app, a Chrome extension and a Chrome app combined in the effort of managing YouTube tabs opened on a computer from a phone over a local network. PoC fully working.
  • libcmvc (ongoing personal project): Library to facilitate websites creation in C, for the sake of doing it. It will follow an MVC architecture.

I have several more projects that can not be advertised here for various reasons: they are sometimes PoC only, too old, or not close to being finished.

If you would like to learn more about me or any of my projects, please feel free to contact me here.